Cquartz Paint Protection

Using a high quality paint protection product can give your exterior the added strength to stop the elements from etching into the surface of the paint, keeping it looking newer, longer.


Cquartz Paint Protection Package

Eco Friendly & Extremely Gentle Hand Wash

Decontamination of Paint With Clay

Crystal Clear Windows & Protect with Spray Sealant

Rims, Wheel Wells, Exhaust Steam Clean & Protect with Spray Sealant, Tires Dress

Light Paint Correction, Light Swirl & Fine Scratch Removal

Application of CQuartz to all Painted and Metal Surfaces (Excluding Wheels)


Cquartz Full Exterior Protection

Cquartz Paint Protection Package

Application of Cquartz to Plastic Trim, Headlights and Taillights

Application of Cquartz to Windows

Application of Cquartz to Wheels and Pipes


Cquartz Full Interior and Exterior Protection Package

Cquartz Full Exterior Protection Package

Application of Cquartz to Interior Leather and Plastic


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