Exterior Detail Services

We’ll remove the dirt from your paint, glass, plastic trims, wheels, chrome and exhaust tip. If you don’t often carry passengers and your interior doesn’t need to be cleaned, this may be all you need. If it’s been a while since your car has had some proper attention you might like to consider Interior and Exterior Detail packages


Carnauba Wax Detailing Package

From $169

Eco Friendly & Extremely Gentle Hand Wash

Decontamination of Paint with Clay

Crystal Clear Windows & Protect with Spray Wax

Rims, Wheel Wells, Exhaust Steam Clean & Protect with Spray Wax, Tires Dress

Application of Carnauba Wax to Paintwork


Deluxe Exterior Detailing Package

From $199

Carnauba Wax Detailing Package

Vacuum and Dust Off the Interior Surface


Paint Sealant Detailling Package

From $269

Deluxe Exterior Detailing Package

Application of CarPro Reload Paint Sealant to Paintwork


Paint Correction Detailing Package

From $599

Paint Sealant Detailing Package

Two Stage Buff and Polish to Eliminate Swirl, Hologram, Fine Scratches, Waterspot, Sap, Oxidation, Overspray


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