New car high level protection

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If you want the ultimate protection for your vehicle, we have a choice of solutions. This package gives your car a chance to look new longer. Package includes all exterior protection with new revolution ultimate ceramic based coating , which help to protect all paint, glass, plastic and rubber parts as new at least a year of washes.

  • Eco Friendly & Extremely Gentle Hand Wash
  • Decontamination of paint with Clay
  • One Step Polish with Orbital Machine and CarPro Fixer
  • Crystal Clear Windows & Protect with C.QUARTZ
  • Application of C.QUARTZ to Paintwork
  • Exterior Molding, Plastic, Rubber Clean & Protect With C.QUARTZ
  • Professional Chrome part Polish, Clean & Protect With C.QUARTZ
  • Rims Clean & Protect with C.QUARTZ
  • Clean Wheels, Wheel Wells & Tires Protect With High Gloss Tire Gel Dress
  • Polish Exhaust Tips & Protect with C.QUARTZ
  • Clean Door Jams & Protect with C.QUARTZ
  • Interior & Trunk Gently Vacuum
  • Dashboard, Door Panel & Jambs, Center Console Steam Clean & Protect With C.QUARTZ
  • Leather Seats Steam Clean & Protect With C.QUARTZ
  • Carpet, Steam Clean
  • Mats Steam Clean & Protect With C.QUARTZ
  • Engine Bay Area Steam& Protect With C.QUARTZ

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