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Sergey and Adam detailed my car today. Customer service was excellent! All my questions were answered and all my concerns were addressed in a very professional manner. I have a Marina blue M3 and I am very particular about car detailing. This was the best detailing job I have ever had done to my car. They were extremely meticulous and treated my car like it was their own. Sergey is very knowledgeable and makes appropriate suggestions without trying to push any unnecessary products on you. I would recommend AMD to anybody and I believe it is worth every penny.
— Alexis Rahal, Google
This is by far the best mobile detailing service in all of San Diego. They are totally eco- friendly!! The steam clean process they use leaves your car with a sparkling finish! THANKS!!!!
— Mark B. San Diego, CA, Yelp
I told Sergey before he began cleaning that I purchased this car from my father two years ago. I said, “I’m going back home for a visit and I want my folks to think that I take care of cars the way they do. My father is a retired NAVY captain. The car has to be PERFECT! I believe that even ‘The Captain’ would hire Sergey to detail his own vehicles.
— Shane S. San Diego, CA, Yelp
Sergey was super prompt, attentive and customer service oriented. The job he and Thaven did on my Tacoma turned my dusty cross-country hardened Tacoma into something better than new. By far the best detail job I’ve ever seen. 7 hours of attention to my truck made her very happy. Call Sergey without hesitation.
— Blake Brown, Google
I’ve been using AMD every since I bought my new Outback. It always amazes me how new looking the car can get after a detail even if it doesn’t last long since it is parked outside. They have always been on-time and thorough.

I get their Complete Detail which gets the interior and exterior super clean. Somehow they manage to get out all of the pet hair which has been impossible for me to do myself.

I plan to keep using them to keep my car looking nice as long as possible.
— Aaron Schwartz, Google

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